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Life with identical twins

Last Fishing of the Season

on September 7, 2016

We headed up to the cabin for Labor Day weekend. I hadn’t been since our week in July! The girls had been in early August, but otherwise various things kept us home. Even the dogs were excited to be there again! Speaking of the dogs, this was our best trip yet. All of the dogs know the drill, they know where to go potty, and more importantly, they know how much fun the lake is. Annie spent Friday evening running from my mom to my dad and kissing both of them.


We fished Saturday morning, Saturday evening, and again Sunday morning. We had good luck both mornings, not much luck Saturday evening. Normally the fish really bite at sunset, but not this time! We tried some spots that were around the corner from our old spots, just to branch out a bit.

Also when fishing, it’s best to wear your ears.


Fishing prep. The nice thing about my parent’s cabin is that there is a bait shop right there.


Fishing is messy. My dad and I bait hooks and take fish off of hooks, so my hands are generally bloody and gross. The last few times I haven’t brought my big camera out, but I was determined to get some good shots this time! Here is Delaney’s first fish! Not huge, but a keeper. Also, we bought some headbands at one of the stands in Duluth and the girls have been wearing them quite a bit. They do an awesome job of keeping their hair out of their face.


And Caden’s first fish! I can’t remember if we kept him, although my dad agrees to keep most since the girls get attached to any fish they catch.


My parents have a fishing boat and a pontoon. While the fishing boat is good in certain situations, we mostly fish from the pontoon. It gives everyone room to move around and change up their fishing spots, and is just generally easier with kids and dogs. Also, how awesome are Caden’s Under Armour leggings?


My dad took this. On my old camera this would have been guaranteed to be out of focus because it had a single focus point that would have been focused on the weeds. But with the new camera I can choose a focus region. It makes it so much easier for anyone to pick up my camera and get a good picture!

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