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Plea for fence help

on September 2, 2016


This is our fence. As you may recall, I had it put in this spring. Had I known what I know now, I would have had them put the boards on the OTHER side. So my neighbors could look at them! And so Annabelle would be unable to jump over our fence. Still.

This is going to sound unrealistic, but I’ve seen her do it so just believe me. Annie starts jumping until she gets enough momentum that she can catch her bottom paws on the board, then she pushes off and vaults herself over the fence. We added the top board a few months ago thinking that would stop her, but now she gets her top paws on that and lifts herself over. She jumps over this fence as often as she jumped over the crappy three foot fence.

And so I ask, what can we do to this fence? I don’t want to tear it down, and I don’t want to put in six foot privacy the entire way. If we put vertical boards on this side as well, that would stop the jumping since she wouldn’t have access to the bottom board. That would be a lot of work, and we would need to replicate the scallop which would also be difficult. Maybe if we put another horizontal board just above the bottom board? She is incredibly athletic, but probably couldn’t get that high right? Maybe we could even take the top boards off, and use those?

Any other options? At this point, she will jump multiple times a day to chase bunnies. Someone has to be outside with her, watching and listening in case she sees something she wants to chase. I don’t mind it, but Annie loves to spend her days patrolling our yard, so this isn’t the best scenario for anyone (especially me once the mosquitos come out). Plus, I feel like we really need to figure this out before it snows!

One response to “Plea for fence help

  1. Damita says:

    One of my dogs started jumping the baby gate we have in the house, which was a surprise because he’s old and he’s never done it before in all the years we’d used the gates.To stop that, I just started putting the dog beds in front of it when I left the house and he wasn’t able to get that momentum going. Would it be possible to plant some greenery in front of the fence or maybe some potted plants so that he can’t get to the boards/fence as easily?

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