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Life with identical twins


on August 31, 2016

arthur 2

Meet Arthur! He is our newest foster puppy. And no worries, he’ll only be with us for a few more days. There is no worry about foster failing with this one!

I’ve definitely missed fostering. I love going to the adoption events, I love playing matchmaker and trying to find people the right puppies, and I love being more involved in the rescue. But, I just didn’t think we could handle a fourth dog. When the opportunity came up to foster a puppy, I jumped at it. I knew he would be adopted quickly, so even if he completely disrupted our household, it would only be for a few weeks.


As soon as I met him I knew he was perfect for my coworker. She wanted a medium sized dog who would be a great running companion. Arthur is a corgi/australian shepherd mix. He’s 15 lbs now, and will maybe be closer to 30 once full grown? He has the best personality. He’s super easy going, loves going for walks, is great with the girls, and learns quickly. He follows Annie around like the younger brother that he is. It took him a few days, but he’s finally figured out how to play. We do a lot of games of fetch, as well as racing around the yard in the evenings to tire him out.

My one rule was that he sleeps with the girls. Midas gets pretty territorial about his sleep and I didn’t want a puppy interrupting that. Arthur loves snuggling with the girls, so it works out well. They’ve also been a big help with feeding him and taking him outside. He’s totally attached to the two of them, and likes to be near them whenever possible. It’s been sweet to watch.

Once Arthur is adopted, we may foster more puppies as long as they’re older. As cute as they are, I don’t think I can do the 8 week old set. They’re a lot of work!

One response to “Arthur

  1. Grammy says:

    He is adorable! Who could resist?

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