The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Third grade

on August 30, 2016


Let’s start with the good. Third grade! While the girls like YMCA, they were very ready for school to start. Even though we had a good system down, they were super tired of packing a lunch, two snacks, water bottle, sunscreen, and swim stuff every day. And, I think they were both ready to start learning again. They both had a great day, although I’m guessing our evenings will be filled with meltdowns. This transition week is always tough on everyone!

The bad. I made sure we were ready with enough time to take pictures. I asked Caden to get my camera from the office. She snapped a few pictures of Delaney and was showing them to me, then we went into the backyard. When I tried to take pictures, nothing happened. The camera repeatedly said BUSY and wouldn’t focus, nor would anything display on the back screen. I asked her what buttons she pushed, but nothing she did was out of the ordinary. Caden has not had the best record of 1) telling the truth in these types of situations or 2) keeping things in good condition so I was not a happy mom. We headed to the front of the house where I snapped the above pic with my phone, then we headed to the bus stop where the bus was 20 minutes late. It was a long morning.

My internet research says maybe the lens was bad? But by the time we got home and I could try my other lens, the camera won’t even turn on. I’m charging the battery, but I’m not hopeful. The camera is seven years old? It also got rained on a bit in Duluth, but nothing that should have caused it to die like this. I’m hoping it’s just the battery, and that a new day will bring new results. If not, it’s off to National Camera we go. Fingers crossed, because I really don’t want to replace it!

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