The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Meet your teacher and get back to school!

on August 26, 2016

As you do, the girls got haircuts yesterday just in time for back to school. Caden decided to go for the short bob. She also wanted to donate her hair, which complicated things a bit since it was just the 8 inches it needed to be. Our hairdresser worked her magic though, and she got a cute bob! She hates getting her hair brushed so this is a good thing, but looking at this before picture, I’m going to miss her long hair.



Last night was also meet your teacher at school. Love this event! I get to see all of our old neighbors and chat with them, and the girls see all of their friends and chat with them. It was so cute watching them reunite with their friends. Each girl has a good mix of kids in their classroom, which makes me happy. I was also happy to see books that were their reading level in their classrooms. Last year they didn’t have much in their classroom to read, so we depended on our own trips to the library. This year they’ll have bins of books, plus I think they can check out books more often from the library? We’ll still hit the big libraries, but it’s good to know they’ll have lots of options.

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