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Life with identical twins

The Cabin in the Woods

on August 23, 2016

cabin 2

This is the cabin my mom rented on airbnb. I love that site. You can find the best places to stay! I much prefer staying in a house over a hotel. I love being able to make my own meals, and relax and live like you’re in a home. Once the sun went down the mosquitos came out, so it was nice to be able to watch the Olympics in the evenings, and a movie or two via Netflix (while sitting on a couch and comfy leather chairs, rather than a hotel bed).

This cabin was quintessential up north log cabin. Cute little kitchen (decked out with granite counters and stainless steel appliances), sleeping loft, and a bedroom and bathroom downstairs. There was a gorgeous deck off the front which we made good use of Thursday evening. Unfortunately after that, it was either too late or too wet for us to sit out there.

cabin 3

There were plenty of board games, and even a croquet set! Grampy and the girls made up their own rules.

cabin 1

The hammock was the big draw for the girls! With the roof, it stayed dry in the rain and was big enough for both of them to be on at the same time. They both spent a lot of time on it. My mom and I watched Caden swinging and talking to herself. She later told me she was making up a story in her head.

When I asked about what to put in the backyard for the girls, Laura recommended a hammock. I’ve been thinking on that ever since, but haven’t pulled the trigger on it. We all loved this hammock so much, I asked my dad if it would be doable to put something like this in the backyard? Not such a solid structure, maybe just a pergola instead of a roof? But a sturdy hammock that we wouldn’t have to bring in out of the rain. We think we have a spot for it behind the garage, cross your fingers it all comes together next spring.

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