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Tall Ships

on August 22, 2016

Back in January, my mom emailed and asked if we would want to go to the Tall Ships festival in Duluth. I immediately said yes! We haven’t been back to Duluth since the girls were 18 months old, and I figured we’d all love the tall ships.

tall ships 2

My mom rented a cabin west of Duluth that was picture perfect (more on that tomorrow). We headed up Thursday and spent the day relaxing at the cabin. Friday morning we headed into Duluth. We had tickets into the festival and could tour the ships when they were docked, but we did not get tickets to sail out on the ships.

tall ships 3

By the time we got parked and took the shuttle over, it was maybe 10:00? And there were already long lines to get onto the ships. If you wanted to tour the really big ship, there was a line to get into the area where you waited in another line! The guy told me it would be about four hours. No thank you.

We did stop to admire the biggest rubber duck though. Love this guy!

tall ships 4

Instead we wandered around Canal Park. It was an absolutely perfect day and we weren’t about to waste it! After lunch on a patio, we headed to the lake walk to walk out to the lighthouse. It was fun to watch the boats come in and out of the harbor, and watch the lift bridge go up and down.

As we were wandering, we saw some people riding one of those surrey bikes so we decided to rent one. What a great idea right? No! Because we were five people and the kids were big, we had to get the big bike and that thing is heavy! You really need four adults to pedal, except we had three adults and an eight-year-old who could barely reach the pedals. My dad and I were sweating by the time we biked down to Fitgers and back. Lesson learned. (The lake walk was beautiful though.)

tall ships 5

We headed back into the Tall Ships to see if the lines were any shorter (nope), so we did some shopping and grabbed some food. We debated heading back to the cabin, but decided since it was so nice out, we should head up to Enger Tower to check out the view. By this point everyone was tired, so only Caden, Mom, and I went up the tower. The view was amazing! You get such a different perspective from up there. After we headed down, we went to the scenic overlook so my dad and Delaney could see it as well. Delaney snapped a few pictures (this one!) while we relaxed and watched one of the tall ships sail out of the harbor. You can just see the boat beyond the bridge!

Our intention was to grab some groceries and make dinner at the cabin, but I was Starving and didn’t want to wait (or cook) so instead we headed back down to Canal Park and had dinner at Red Lobster. This was the very same Red Lobster that we brought the girls to in 2009. At that visit they melted down as soon as the food arrived. We had to pack up and leave in a hurry they were crying so loudly. This time, they were well behaved and even ate most of their meal.

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