The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Scooter Power

on August 18, 2016

scooter 1

The girls have been asking forever if they can scooter with Annabelle when we go for walks at night. I’ve said no so far because I felt it could go terribly wrong very easily, but last weekend I was heavy with the YES’s with the girls, so I decided to continue that and I’m so glad I did! It worked so well. Caden did it with her first, and then as soon as Delaney found out what she did she was out there in a flash.

scooter 2

On their scooters the girls can’t go too fast, but it’s just fast enough that Annie can run beside them and really get her energy out. We did two laps of our loop and she was worn out! I’m loving it, since I haven’t been running with her like I hoped to do this summer and she loves the exercise.

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