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Como Zoo

on August 15, 2016

Both days of the weekend were supposed to be sunny and nice, so the plan was to hit Como Zoo on Saturday, and the pool on Sunday. Except we also needed to clean the house and get groceries, which took all morning and then some on Saturday. We ended up just getting stuff done around the house on Saturday, and figured we’d play Sunday by ear. I’ll be honest, I wanted to hit the pool, but the girls really wanted to go to the zoo so off we went.

It took forever to park which was annoying, but once we got into the zoo it wasn’t very crowded. We wandered around a bit, ending up by the giraffes around 2:00. You could feed the giraffes at 2:30, so we got popsicles, then got in line. At first I wasn’t going to feed them, but they only let you up close to the giraffe if you paid the $5, so why not?

They recommended taking video since the giraffe is quick, so that’s what I did for the girls. Caden was designated photographer for when I fed the giraffe, but that picture only features the giraffe. (As short as she is, there’s no way she could have gotten me in the shot too, but you only realize that once you’re right there.) It was very fun! But of course goes very quickly.

After that you wouldn’t think our day could get much better but wait! They had the butterfly exhibit open! Delaney spotted this on the map and I was so glad she did. It was insanely cool. So many beautiful butterflies everywhere. There was a big blue butterfly that flew kind of slowly around the room. He would get super close to everyone, but as soon as he landed he folded his wings up so you couldn’t get a picture of how pretty he was. You can’t touch the butterflies, but they will land on you. They were landing on everyone else but us until finally, one landed on Delaney’s back! It was a Blue Moon butterfly, which was the one she picked out before we went in that she wanted to find. It even matches her shirt! You can kind of tell from this picture, but she was in total shock, and could only see it out of the corner of her eye.


Caden wanted one to land on her so terribly badly. We stayed for another 15 minutes, trying to be statues, trying to be where the butterflies were flying, but none wanted to land on her. She was so disappointed. It was such a cool experience I would have stayed longer, but it was 4:00 and I knew we still had to take a shuttle back to the car, so eventually I convinced her it was time to go.

2 responses to “Como Zoo

  1. Grammy says:

    Giraffes are my favorite animals. What a great experience!

  2. […] Both are relatively new, and were only 25 minutes away. The butterfly garden was very similar to the one at Como Zoo from this summer, but much much bigger and with a lot more butterflies. As soon as we walked in […]

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