The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Scaling Back

on August 9, 2016

When we signed up for ballet, the girls were loving their class and so was I. I was also in a lull at work, and my schedule was super flexible. We were all so excited that I signed them up for two classes a week, Monday 4:30-5:30 and Wednesday 5-6. *** Please insert rant here about classes starting at times not even a little bit conducive to working parents. *** It was expensive, but ballet seemed to be their thing and so we went for it.

When they fell in love with horses and jumping I started regretting the two classes, but we had signed up and committed, so a year of ballet it would be.

My next big project starts the end of August, and when I started thinking about how early I would have to leave work to make this class schedule work, I really started sweating. Every Monday I’d have to leave downtown at 3:15 to pick them up from school, take them home to change, and then to the studio which luckily, is only 10 minutes from our house. Ugh. My projects are flexible, but even that is pushing it too far for me. I realized we needed to scale back.

I pulled out the brochure to see what our options were. We could cut the Monday class and just do Wednesdays, or there was a Saturday class at noon. Not an ideal time, but at least it wouldn’t mean any sort of week night scramble. We discussed it as a family and decided on the Saturday class, then I emailed the teacher with my request.

As soon as I sent the email I felt so much better! Not only would our weeks be easier, but the cost would be cut in half. It’s a double win, and hopefully will allow for more riding lessons in the spring.

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