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Lark the Lake Dog

on July 28, 2016

We quickly realized that we couldn’t leave all three dogs back at the cabin with my mom when we went out fishing. It was too chaotic for her. It was an easy decision to always take Lark with us, since she does better when she’s near me. Turns out, she loves being on the water!

A lot of her anxiety comes from being so afraid that something hiding around a corner or behind something, or some noise is going to hurt her. She’s very skittish inside houses, or even in our backyard. But on the lake, she can see everywhere! It’s nice and wide open, and even better, it’s quiet out there.

This night we were all fishing on one end of the boat, so she happily lay down on her towel bed and fell asleep. She was happy as a clam!

The week at the lake was really, really good for her. We got in almost daily long walks, much longer than the walks than we normally take at home. Plus there were plenty of walks to and from the boat and the beach, and paddle boarding. I always hope that exercise eases some of her anxiety, but it’s hard to know. She also was much more relaxed around my parents by the end of the week. She wouldn’t run away from either of them, and let my mom pick her up easily. Baby steps!

One response to “Lark the Lake Dog

  1. Grammy says:

    Those 3! They sure do work their way into your heart.

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