The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Weekend groove

on July 26, 2016

The end of July seems to mark the time of year when we really hit our groove. We’re all used to our summer routine, the girls are happy, the sun is shining, and as a family we’re just clicking. That is very true this year as well. We had an awesome weekend. We got out, we saw friends, we spent time at the pool, and the girls liked both dinners that I cooked which never happens!


Saturday morning we headed to the new footballstadium for a tour. We were the first group to go through, so it was a little crazy. Lots of lines, lots of people, but very fun to get inside the stadium. I thought the stadium itself was gorgeous, but the concourses were very grey. Grey concrete, grey walls, grey floors. I’m hoping they put up some posters or something because otherwise, it’s a little bland.

As we left the stadium a huge storm came through and totally drenched us. We were on our way to ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, so made a quick stop at home to change clothes. Cute movie!


The girls are ice cream fiends right now. They eat ice cream almost every night after dinner, and we’ve been hitting various ice cream places around town. After dinner (chicken/bacon/pineapple skewers for the win!) we headed out to Excelsior to try Licks Unlimited. Lots of fun choices for the girls! I only had one option, a pitiful sorbet, but we’re hitting Milkjam this week so I will get my good ice cream then.

We finally got Pokemon Go working Saturday morning, so after ice cream we wandered downtown Excelsior for a bit playing. I feel like the game gets a bad rap, and I’m guessing it’s mostly from people who don’t understand it. It was a super fun thing to play as a family, got us out and about (and the dogs walked multiple times), and we chatted up a few other families who were doing the same thing. I don’t think this game will last super long for us, but as long as it doesn’t chew up too much data, I’m down with it.


Since it rained most of Saturday, we hit the pool for the sunshine on Sunday. I threw their dive toys, I read my book, I laughed at the silly games they played, and I read my book some more. I’m not sure if we’ve just gotten lucky or what, but every time we’re there it’s not busy, and the families that are there are delightful. No bratty kids, no crazy parents, just summer fun.

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