The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Horse Camp Week 2

on July 25, 2016

Last week the girls had their second week of horse camp. I definitely learned from my mistakes during the first week. First, I immediately asked my dad if he would come stay with us a few days and pick the girls up on his way to our house. This was huge! It gave my schedule so much more breathing space and allowed me to work full days and not run pick up the kids, then work more from home. Thank you Grampy! Second, I signed up for before care. I dropped the girls off at 8am rather than 9am. It meant we all got up fairly early, but they loved their hour of barn chores before everyone else got there.


I took some videos of the horse show but they didn’t really turn out so we’ll skip those. Here’s Caden and Ziggy! Ziggy was such a great horse for her last time, she got to ride with him again. The best part of her week? Cantoring! She was pretty excited to learn that new skill, she even did it for the horse show! Ziggy took such great care of her, I gave him extra kisses (although he kept trying to eat me, I think he wanted his treats!).


This is Trueman, Delaney’s horse for the week. Trueman was a great horse for Delaney. He didn’t cut corners, he wasn’t scared of mirrors, and he has a nice, fast walk. Delaney tried cantoring too, but is a little nervous about it. I think Trueman went faster than she expected. Next time!


The sight of them taking care of their horses never gets old.

Riding lessons are expensive, and since we’ve already signed up for ballet and we have piano lessons, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about them. Truthfully, we can’t afford to do them weekly, and everywhere I looked that’s what you needed to sign up for. I talked with the trainer and she agreed we could do monthly lessons. It’s not ideal, and they won’t progress as fast, but it’s something. They both love horses so much, and they both have gained so much confidence from riding, that I want to help them continue down this path.

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