The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Fancy Ride

on July 19, 2016

A few weeks ago someone backed into the front passenger side door as we were leaving Trader Joe’s parking lot. It’s not a huge dent, but the door doesn’t work and sometimes when I turn it makes funny noises. Luckily, it was completely the other guys fault and his insurance is covering everything, including a rental car while our car gets fixed.


Isn’t she pretty? We’ve been driving this car for over a week now! My car is a 2004, and while it’s old, it’s paid off and only has 130,000 miles on it. I hope to drive it for another four to five years but honestly, driving this new car makes me want to shorten that up. You don’t need a key to start it (which I realize is probably standard in new cars now but to me is very fancy and modern), it has blue tooth capabilities, and it’s just so darn comfy. All these nice compartments, and even third row seating! The girls want to have a sleepover just so we can drive their friends home.

It’s times like these when I have to really stay true to my financial goals and remember Paid Off is better than any new accessories. I had money set aside for a new car, but that all went towards the down payment on the new house, so that fund has to be replenished which will take a few years. Until then we’ll enjoy our temporary Dodge Journey.

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