The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Almost rained out

on July 11, 2016

This weekend was the girls end of season softball tournament. We played two games on Saturday which determined ranking, and then it was single elimination on Sunday. Our high point of the season was early June. We had been playing twice a week consistently, I had worked with the girls enough on their batting that everyone was getting hits, and we had quite a few home games with our pitching machine which threw consistent strikes. Towards the end of June we only played once a week, and the games were away on less than consistent machines. When the balls are coming high and low and outside and everywhere, we have hitting issues. No hits, no runs.

We did not play the best on Saturday. We could not seem to get a rally going where we could score a lot of runs, and our fielding was off. Oh well. It was sunny and beautiful out, and this season is really about learning anyway. The girls have come so far from the beginning of the season and that’s what counts.

Sunday morning I woke up to thunder and lots of rain. I thought for sure the games would be cancelled but the rain stopped, and with an extra few hours they had the fields playable. It wasn’t hot, but it was humid. We played another SLP team and were squarely beat relatively quickly. While I was sad the season had ended, we had a pool party to get to!


The club had a pool party planned and we were super excited for it! There was cotton candy (which we ate a TON of), snow cones, lots of food, a bounce house, tattoos, and some pool games. The best part was the DJ who played amazing music the entire time.


The pool was the busiest I’ve seen it and yet, it’s big enough that it wasn’t crowded. We ate as soon as we got there because we were all starving. From there we bounced between the pool and all of the games. I even got to read my book for a while which is always a bonus.


Luckily, there was some cloud cover or the day would have gotten crazy hot. As it was, it was a perfect afternoon. I love this pool. Pools tend to be our happy places and this one definitely fits that bill. I love that it’s around the corner from our house, I love that they serve good food, I love that it’s never crowded, I love how awesome the lifeguards are, and I love how awesome the families are that we’ve encountered there. It’s a little oasis of happiness that always seems to slot in just when we need it.

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