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Life with identical twins

Last One

on June 30, 2016


The girls had their last softball game last night. We have a tournament in July, but this was our last weeknight game. I have been amazed at how much the entire team has improved since April!


We’ve really had a great group of girls to play with this year. Everyone has had a great attitude, and they try really hard every game.


The girls switch positions every inning. Last night Delaney played infield positions where they hit the ball to her a lot, which is obviously her favorite. She was catching and one girl hit the ball and it stayed near the plate. Delaney picked it up and threw it to Caden at first, but she threw it right down the line (excellent job!) nailing the runner in the back (oops!). She fielded two balls at first and got two outs there as well, and she’s out of her batting slump! She had a great game.

Caden got two hits, and also had a great game. She got a ton of balls hit to her in the field and almost got a few outs. It’s really good to see them hustling when the ball is hit.

Fall ball starts up mid-August, until then we have ballet lessons. I’m a little (a lot) regretting signing up for those.

2 responses to “Last One

  1. Grammy says:

    Following in their mama’s footsteps (cleats)!

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