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Pipe Dreams

on June 23, 2016

It’s really hard to drive out to this gorgeous horse farm every day, and see all those beautiful horses, and hear the girls talk about how much they love riding, and not think ‘We need to go all in on this’. I need to sign the girls up for year round lessons! They need to learn how to cantor and gallop and do the big jumps! We should move out here and buy a farm! (Or my favorite, Caden recommended we move *next* to the farm, so they can ride their bikes over when they want to ride.)

You only have to go 20 minutes west of downtown to get to these big horse farms. An easy commute right? I love horses, they love horses, we should totally do this!

I grew up on a farm, out in the country surrounded by trees and animals. There has always been a pipe dream in the back of my head to someday return to that. Buy a farm where we could rescue all the dogs, have chickens, and a few horses too. Weeks like this that pipe dream is on my mind a lot. I find myself hitting the realtor sites to see if maybe? Just maybe it could be within reach? But for a lot of reasons it’s not, the biggest reason being I know exactly how much work goes into having horses, while simultaneously knowing nothing about what exactly needs to be done. (Although it kind of makes me want to write up a business plan on what it would take to run a riding school, board horses, and clearly, find someone knowledgeable to run the whole thing for me.)

It’s fun to think about, and fun to run the scenarios. Maybe someday. We will definitely be back to this camp again next year. I will probably try a little harder to find them more riding opportunities, and I will definitely do some deep research on dude ranches in Arizona.

2 responses to “Pipe Dreams

  1. Grammy says:

    Knowing you – that pipe dream will become a reality. And I know the perfect “hired man”.

  2. Scott says:

    Grammy was that a misprint? Did you mean to say “I know the perfect TIRED man”?

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