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Life with identical twins

First Day Down

on June 14, 2016

Yesterday was their first day back at the YMCA. Delaney was sick, so Caden had to go it alone. She was pretty nervous! Even though her and Delaney don’t interact a ton during the day, I think having your sister lessens the anxiety of (not so) new things. We talked about it and we tried to remember all the people that might be there from last year. She had one friend she was hoping to see, but wasn’t sure about and I named two teachers I thought might be back. We were both right! After I checked her in and picked up their t-shirts, we went to the gym and there was her favorite teacher! She was all smiles and I knew she was good. When I picked her up, her other favorite teacher was there and came over to check how Laney was doing. I’m SO glad they’re both back, it will definitely be a great summer.

We’ve always used Target as our pharmacy, but I think that might be coming to an end. They’ve switched over to CVS and are no longer very parent/child friendly. Target used to do bottles where they made it as easy as possible to get the medicine out without spilling. CVS gave us a gigantic bottle of medicine that’s only about 2/3 full, so every time I put the syringe in to get some out, it’s a huge mess. On top of that, she’s supposed to take 10.9 ml twice per day, but the syringe they gave us is only a 10 ml syringe. I figured we’d do 10 ml and then 1 ml after? But no, the lowest marking is 2.5 ml. Walgreens here we come.

One response to “First Day Down

  1. Amy says:

    Matt picked up a prescription for me yesterday and I immediately missed the nice bottles from Target…and wondered why they didn’t sell that genius idea if they’re no longer going to be in the pharmacy business.

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