The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Softball Update

on June 8, 2016

We are about midway through the softball season so time for an update. This year has been different from last year on a number of fronts. Last year we had one practice and one game each week. This year we had practices for a few weeks, then it’s just two games per week. The girls get solid game time every week and are challenged that way. I’ve been able to work with the girls on their batting between innings, but, it’s hard to work on their fielding skills without practice. That said, there has been serious improvement from the beginning of the season until now. Their throwing is getting better and more accurate, and their batting is getting more consistent. We’ve even gotten a few base runners out!

Caden has a really solid batting stance and consistently gets hits. Occasionally she strikes out, but she gets a hit the majority of the time. Delaney has struggled a bit with her batting stance. We’ve played around with her stance a bit in the last few games but the results have been inconsistent. The last two games I’ve stood directly behind home plate which gives me a perfect vantage point of their stance and swing. She’s right on, but somehow is still missing the ball. My dad is coming to tonight’s game, so maybe he will spot something I haven’t.

I was nervous to coach this year, but I’ve found I really enjoy it. It’s a natural extension of the coaching/leadership I do at work, and I like connecting with the kids and encouraging them. There’s nothing better than tweaking a girl’s batting stance and have her go from strikeouts every time, to hits every time! Being an assistant coach has been perfect because I can concentrate on coaching, and the head coach handles logistics and everything else.

I have been completely lax about taking pictures at games, but I’m going to take my camera to the game tonight and at least get a few pictures!

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