The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Weekend at home

on June 6, 2016

It was graduation weekend! My niece graduated from high school so Friday night was the ceremony and Saturday was her party. The girls had a blast hanging with their cousins, and we all had fun celebrating Olivia!

A few months ago we got a social membership to the golf club that our house backs up to. They have really good food, but more importantly, they have a very nice pool. Last year we just didn’t get to the Rec Center pool very often since it’s across town and either cold or crowded. This pool is just around the corner from our house and so far hasn’t been crowded which has been amazing. I was hoping that Sunday would be sunny and gorgeous so we could hit the pool for a few hours and it was! I brought my big camera along to take some pictures but man was it sunny! Too sunny for me to really figure things out but I tried. Also, pool water continues to thwart me. It’s just too blue.

swim 1

They have tons of swim toys – noodles, frisbees, balls, dive toys. It’s so fun!

swim 2

Caden was in and out of the pool the entire time we were there. She loves to swim but then gets so cold, so she’d come out and warm up, then head back in. We took two snack breaks, and they played on the playground for a bit. I picked up some whole milk and need to figure out how to get more calories in her for the summer.

swim 3

The pool is set down in a little valley? Which is nice because it’s protected, but SO nice because it’s surrounded by green rather than cement and asphalt. It’s a little slice of paradise.

swim 4

They were trying to do goofy jumps but I was always just a second late clicking my camera!

swim 5

I’m so mad at myself for this one! It’s a perfect cannonball, but the focus went on the pool just behind Laney. Grr.

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