The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

A Swing Again

on May 23, 2016

Our yard is much, much smaller than our old yard. The girls loved our old playset and would spend hours on the swings and in their play house. Unfortunately, this yard doesn’t have room for a playset. Also they’re eight, so I wasn’t sure how much longer a playset would actually get used. We discussed having my dad build some sort of play house for them, but again with the small yard, I’m just not sure where we would put it.

swing 1

When my parents were here for Mother’s Day we knocked out a bunch of projects. It was getting late in the day and my mom really wanted to get going, but my dad wanted to hang up their hammock swing. We realized that the tree at the back of the yard had a branch that was high and strong enough. I thought this would take forever to do, but it was done in five minutes. The girls have been in it nonstop since it went up.

swing 2

While Delaney loves it too, it’s really Caden’s spot. There are mornings when she will just get up from the breakfast table and run out and swing for a bit. They push each other, spin it, read, do their bracelets, and let Midas nap with them in it. It’s been amazing! And very needed.

And so now, what else? We’ve chatted a bit and I pitched a teepee. I’ve seen some canvas ones that would be easy enough to put up and take down, and it would give them a spot to retreat to. I’m going to do some research on size and price. There is a corner of the yard by the garage that I think would work well for this. Cross your fingers! (and if anyone has advice or recommendations yes please!

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