The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Sunshine and Silly Poses

on May 20, 2016

Nothing but sunshine all week!

may 16

Monday. I had a meeting at a client later that morning, so Annie walked to the bus stop with us. Also, we bought Delaney’s sweatshirt before our Florida trip and one or the other of them has worn it almost nonstop this spring. Hoodies are always hit or miss for us. Either we wear them a ton, or we wear them never. It’s nice to see this one get some use!

may 17

Tuesday. So. I swear Delaney’s hair looked nice two minutes before I took this, but then she put on that sweatshirt and it all went to hell. Luckily we keep a brush in the truck just for moments like these.

may 18

Wednesday. Now that it’s warm, Caden is cycling through all of the capri pants we own (not that you can actually tell that in the picture, but trust me on this one.)

may 19

Thurday. No coats! I asked for a silly pose and this is what I got.

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