The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

One in each spot

on May 13, 2016

This week we took the picture in a different spot every day. I would love to tell you this was by design and that we were gathering data, but it was completely happenstance. Anyway, at least we know the backyard doesn’t work!

may 9

Monday. This is the spot that seems to work best for pictures. I don’t love the concrete driveway, but we’re in the shade and you can see some green grass. Love their faces in this one!

may 10

Tuesday. The rain had arrived full force. These are the smiles I get when I tell them “Don’t move! There’s no light!”

may 11

Wednesday. Aka Quick picture before we run out the door!

may 12a

Thursday. Thursdays are my work from home day which means our mornings are nice and relaxed. Since we had time, we went into the backyard to take the picture. This did not work at all since they were looking directly into the morning sun. Delaney was not happy.

may 12b

And the look Laney gives her sister when she gets super goofy.

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