The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Sweet Sunshine

on May 9, 2016

We packed it in this weekend! The forecast was nonstop sunshine and we had no plans, so we were very productive. I feel like we had a lazy winter, which was needed, but it feels good to knock a bunch of things off the to do list.

Friday evening was spent at the softball fields. We caught the last few innings of the high school game. We all got totally into the game, despite not knowing anyone on the team. Caden and Delaney were fascinated by the pitching and the double plays. Very good for them to watch before their first game. After was their skills clinic. I stayed and watched since it was a nice night to read a book. I like the idea of the high school team teaching these clinics, but they need a better plan. They did zero hitting at either of the clinics which was a little disappointing, and the coach wanted to teach the kids how to slide. Um, we have 2-3 years before we can slide so maybe skip that one?


On Saturday we planted our flowers. I did about half the pots I’ve done in the past which was kind of nice. We hit up Home Depot for our flowers which worked out well. I do love the nurseries, but they can get expensive quickly. The girls were very excited to pick out flowers, but we had to be strategic since we only have a few pots this year. They did most of the work getting them into the pots, while I did the heavy lifting. I think we have them where we want them now? But I’m sure they’ll get moved around a few more times.

lark grass

Lark is getting more and more relaxed out in the yard. She used to spend most of her time with her back against the fence, on guard for intruders. But this weekend, she spent a lot of time exploring, or relaxing like this. This is a pretty big deal for her, I was really happy she could enjoy the warm weather with us.


Sunday! We hit up brunch with my parents and my brother, then came back to our house and hung out in the backyard. The weather was perfect. My dad and brother put together our new patio table, we watched the golfers, we chatted, it was so nice. Such a relaxing day. As my Mother’s Day present, the girls cleaned their room! Without me even asking. They spent the day quietly playing together with no fighting, which was my other present. (My mom arranged for them to give me two hydrangeas as well, which I also loved.)

Can we take a moment and talk about that gorgeous patio set?! I had my last patio set for 17 years? It came with my first house that I bought in 1998. I was definitely due for a new one and I could not be happier with this set. The chairs are comfortable, I love the wicker, and it’s so pretty! We ate dinner outside Sunday evening and we all couldn’t stop smiling.

Overall, such a solid weekend. I could not ask for more.

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