The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

86 and Sunny

on May 6, 2016

The forecast is 86 and sunny for today! Minnesota keeps flirting with warm weather. We’ll have a warm day or two, and then it gets chilly again. I don’t think this will be much different, next week is rain and cooler, but I’ll take it!

may 3

Tuesday. So Monday we missed the bus. That’s the third time we’ve missed the bus this year? Which is more than we missed the bus the previous two years combined. Oof. The whole driving to the bus stop throws a wrench in things for us. Anyway, this is Tuesday. Caden tried to wear this shirt again on Thursday but I made her change. We have two, so it wasn’t the same shirt, but still. She’s super big on 3/4 sleeves right now.

may 5a

Thursday. Tried a picture in front of our white garage door. Um, no. Next week I’m making them go in the backyard to do these. I miss the GREEN background. Annabelle walks to the bus stop with us on Thursdays and you can see her leash here. She was super interested in something off to the side which we finally realized was the leg of a dead bunny. Of course it was.

may 5b

A second one from Thursday. I asked for a fashion pose I think? And they just started giggling. Oh! Caden let me do pigtail braids for her on Wednesday and now she wants them every day. I’m so happy about this because it keeps her hair out of her face, but it also makes it less tangly. Woo.

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