The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

New Cabin!

on May 2, 2016


Last year when we went to Lake Mary, we really realized how a nice lake with good fishing changes things. The girls LOVE to fish, and my dad and I love to fish with them. Last summer during our Lake Mary vacation we fished every day and it was so much fun. It got everyone thinking that maybe it was time to look for a cabin on a lake with good fishing. While we were up there, we looked at a few different cabins, but nothing was quite right.


My mom kept up the search over the winter, and this spring a new place came on the market on a lake that we had fished last summer! It’s a nice big lake with clear water and really good fishing. The cabin even has four bedrooms so there is plenty of room for everyone! It was a great deal so they snapped it up, and this weekend we went up to help them move in. The previous owners loved wallpaper and animals, and don’t those two things make a great combo? When we left on Sunday the deer were gone, but there were a few more animal themed borders to come down.


We thought we might get fishing, but it was really windy and with a lake that big, you just can’t take the boat out when it’s like that. They checked the conditions a few times, but ended up fishing off the doc. Delaney had her heart set on fishing, so I thought she would be seriously bummed that they didn’t go out, but she handled it very well with no tears. The girls are going up in two weeks so I’m hoping the weather cooperates by then!

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