The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 25, 2016

Saturday was such a fabulous day. We took our time around the house in the morning and ventured out for errands after lunch. I took a little nap on the couch with all of the dogs, then did some weeding and mowed the lawn. We had a Prince dance party, then sat down for the first Chicken/Bacon/Pineapple skewers of the grilling season. The girls took relaxing lavender scented baths, and I watched Purple Rain after they went to bed. It was such a perfect weekend day.

Sunday was pretty much the exact opposite. Woke up to pouring rain and realized two out of my three gutters were clogged. Of course all I have is a metal ladder, with the lightning storm I had to improvise and stand on top of my (plastic!) hose reel to unclog the worst rain in the pouring rain. I waited until the rain stopped to unclog the other. The girls were fine in the morning, but their attitudes quickly went downhill with any request to do anything (like practice their piano). Then! A friend called with a playdate request. Perfect! I shipped them off for three hours while I cleaned and worked out. Surely their attitudes would be better when they came home? Alas, no. They were worse. I love Delaney, but man does that kid have some crazy expectations and rules and wants to point out and argue every thing everyone does. It’s exhausting.

I’m not someone who hates Sunday nights, but I do hate when Sundays end with me having to ask 129384 times to do all of the little tasks I’ve been asking them to do all weekend. My kids are the WORST procrastinators. If they can delay doing something, they absolutely will and it drives me bonkers! Just get it done!

Anyway, today is a new day.

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