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New Fence!!

on April 18, 2016

The new fence is in! My dad tore the old fence down last Sunday, they put the new fence posts in on Monday, but the fence didn’t go up until Saturday. All week we had to take the dogs out on leashes and that did not go well. I have no idea how people have dogs without fenced in yards.


A quick reminder of the before. The fence was awful. If you didn’t have dogs maybe you wouldn’t care, but with dogs it just was not safe.


The first fence company I talked to wanted me to do a 6 ft privacy fence around my entire yard. Um, no. It would have boxed in the yard and wouldn’t have been neighbor friendly. The second fence company actually listened, and came up with a plan to do privacy on one side where we need it, but a four foot scalloped picket fence everywhere else.

After the fence was finished we were out in the yard with the dogs chatting with these neighbors. Their dog (the pitbull who jumped the fence last fall) and Annie were racing back and forth along the fence line, playing and racing each other. We were dying! Also, all three dogs passed out completely at bedtime. Midas slept for an hour without moving a muscle that’s how tired he was.


The crazy thing? They build the entire fence on your property! I thought they brought it in in panels and just put it up but no! This allowed them to keep the fence all the way to the ground, even though my yard goes up in the back by the golf course. I was super impressed.


This is the view we’ll have when sitting on the patio. The neighbor’s patio is right on the other side of the fence and while he isn’t out there much, I really wanted privacy here. I’m super happy with it. It looks nice and I no longer have to look at his 1,452 lawn ornaments.

2 responses to “New Fence!!

  1. Grammy says:

    I love it! I’m sure the neighbor’s 100+ solar lights will still provide a glow.

  2. Nanny Sue says:

    Erin and girls, I love your new fence. What a lovely addition to your new home!! Nanny Sue

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