The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

And so it begins

on April 14, 2016

Softball has started! We had practice Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Tuesday was chilly, but last night was perfect softball weather. 70, sunny, with a nice breeze.

First, I’m an assistant coach this year. Last year it was Hard to sit on the sidelines and not coach, so I decided to sign up to be an assistant coach this year. It’s perfect because I can help out in practices and games , but it’s not the extra time commitment of booking fields and scheduling everything. I am maybe taking the lead on a lot of things in practice? But someone has to.

Second, oh the difference six months makes! The girls are already hitting and throwing better than last year. They got hits off the pitching machine, and had some of the best hits off the tee, I was very proud. Their throwing is a lot more accurate than last year too. It’s definitely going to be a fun year!

April and May are going to be tough months though. We have piano on Mondays and ballet on Thursdays, plus softball two nights a week as well. It stresses me a out a little, but we’ll adjust and get through this. Once we get through May, piano and ballet will drop and our schedule will open up a lot.

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