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Building and more building

on April 8, 2016

Right now the girls are into three things – Legos, Magna Tiles, and Minecraft. They want to build ALL THE THINGS.

Over break they bought two new lego sets with their birthday money, and put them together right away. I do love that they actually play with them after, and really use their imagination and role play and have guests in the hotel, then ride on the boat, then ride the dragon to the treehouse. It’s fun to sit in the next room and hear it all play out.

At the end of break they got back into Minecraft again. They both get on at the same time so they can pick one world and help each other out. They’ve also gotten their Minecraft books out again, and are following the instructions to build stores and portals. They are building crazy things! It amazes me how they figure it all out.

I enrolled them in an after school Lego class that was centered around gears, except enrollment was low and they canceled the class. We were all incredibly bummed, since this would have been the perfect activity for them. I tried to talk them into a chess class, but that was a no go.

Caden has said she wants to be a robotics engineer, so I did a bit of searching for something this summer around that. A lot of the robotics stuff either seems to be half days (difficult to do when you work) or geared for older kids.

Any suggestions? Do I do more research or just let them have fun at the YMCA this summer? I want to encourage and support all of this engineering, but I’m not sure how far to go with any of this!

One response to “Building and more building

  1. Linnea says:

    If you are looking for ROBOTICS then look into this website You can look up robotics teams near you. I am a mentor for teams in my area.

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