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That’s not a B

on April 6, 2016

Yesterday was Caden’s eye appointment. She was VERY excited.

They said the appointment could take up to two hours, so we came prepared with snacks, books, kindles, and her ipad. They were running a little late, but I knew to expect that too. It was the same clinic that did all of her surgeries, and they are always running late.

They sat her in the chair and had her read the letters. The letters were pretty tall on the screen and yet she kept getting them wrong. She would say P when it was an R, B when it was a D, C when it was an O. She looked at me and I shook my head. I felt so awful.


They dilated her eyes and after the requisite wait we came back in and they put these goggles on her with corrective lenses in them. She immediately got a big smile on her face, kicked her feet and shouted out the (now much tinier) letters. She could see! She was so, so excited. I felt awful.

I knew going into this she would need glasses and I thought I had done my research, but when we got to the clinic I realized I hadn’t done enough research. How much do frames cost? How much do lenses cost? What kind of selection do they have? While we were waiting to be taken back I had her try on a bunch of frames and we found a pair that we both really liked. She wanted color, I wanted neutral, and these were a mix of both. Plus they looked super cute on her.

My original intention was to hit Target Optical this week and pick out frames for her, but after finding the perfect pair what to do? Target only carries about 80 frames for kids, the eye clinic had 200+. Would she be able to find something we both loved there? I’m all about efficiency these days, plus the mom guilt was strong so we ordered from the eye clinic.

Did I overpay? Sure I did. But, the eye clinic will replace her glasses if they break for free, whereas everywhere else charges you for that warranty, as well as the replacement pair of glasses or lenses. Should we need this service, we’ll likely break even. Although if she loses her glasses, the next pair will absolutely come from Target.

4 responses to “That’s not a B

  1. KJ says:

    I was younger than your girls when I started wearing glasses. It was spring of first grade. Mom worked it out with my teacher that I’d wear them inside at home and for classes, but left them inside for outdoor recess & outdoor after-school activities. Over the summer we worked on me wearing them all the time for outdoor stuff, so I could be used to them and wear them full-time the following fall. It was a really good way for me to get used to them, to start to remember to put them on in the morning, clean them, etc., without breaking them on a playground right away. Might be worth considering, though since Caden is older it might not be necessary?

    • Erin says:

      That is pretty much the exact scenario her teacher and I discussed yesterday! She’ll wear them to school, but take them off for recess and gym, and likely won’t wear them a ton at home. The hope is that she can find a good spot to keep her glasses in their case when she isn’t wearing them. Did you keep yours in your backpack? That’s what was suggested to us.

      Delaney is also taking her role as big sister in this very seriously! Apparently there aren’t a ton of kids their age who wear glasses, so Lane is worried Caden won’t feel comfortable wearing them.

      • Kyla says:

        I think we kept them in my desk during recess. I’m pretty sure I just wore them them if I were walking to/from the car, or just walking home from school, etc., but if I were playing outside after school, they went on my dresser until I needed them for homework or reading. Bedside table at night so I’d get them on in the morning. I needed to wear them all the time, not just in class, so that eventually became routine. Mom and teachers were FOREVER reminding me to put them back on after I had them off. The summer was really helpful in getting my used to all-day wear.

  2. Grammy says:

    I remember that exact feeling of being able to SEE when I was about her age and the eye doctor put the lenses in front of my eyes. I convinced Mom to buy me blue glittery frames. Caden will be absolutely adorable in those glasses.

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