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Spring Break Planning

on April 5, 2016

We made it out of spring break alive and well. The girls got along remarkably well, with only a few incidents of crazy fighting). They scootered, they built magna tile towers, they played with their legos, and they got to watch their favorite cartoons. There were a few times when I sat back and listened to them play and giggle. I continue to marvel at their close relationship.

I kind of hate spring break. Our district schedules it for the last week of March which for me, is later than I want to take a winter vacation. Since I already took a week off from work, I can’t really take another week off which means I do some mixture of babysitter plus work from home. I feel like the girls get the short end of the deal, although they probably wouldn’t agree. Thank goodness for our Nadia Cakes cupcake run, or they wouldn’t have had anything to share with their class about their spring break!

From the moment we got back from our Disney World vacation I’ve been thinking about next year’s vacation. Where to go? When? I’ve done a bunch of research looking at all inclusive resorts, hotels, and houses to rent. I’m still not sure where we’re going to go, or if we’re going to go, but after last week I’ve decided we’ll go during spring break. It’s just easier and at this point, why fight it. I’m not worried about them missing school if we go another week, it’s more about lessening the spring break childcare shenanigans.

One response to “Spring Break Planning

  1. Jill says:

    That’s the same conclusion we’ve come to about spring break here. Taking it off this year was better than last year’s childcare Jenga, but it’s annoying to go at a time that isn’t of your choosing. We may split the difference and go away for a part week next year.

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