The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Dog Days

on April 4, 2016


Saturday was cold! Sometimes sunny, but super brisk. Sunday was sunny and gorgeous! The weather forecast made it very easy to decide which day to clean and which day to get outside!

The girls decided Sunday would be Dog Day. The dogs all got baths and toenails trimmed. Except Lark, because a bath would totally freak her out so instead I used a shampoo spray I have, which still freaked her out. Poor thing was shaking for an hour after. I finally bundled her up and snuggled her until she calmed down.

Midas counteracted his bath with a good nap in the sunshine. I tip toed over to the door to try to get a video of him snoring, but he woke up! Rest assured, he was snoring moments after this picture was taken.

The dogs are all very, very ready for spring break to be over and for everyone to leave the house so they can nap! They are exhausted from having their sleep schedules mucked with. They are very used to having eight hours of sleep while we are gone and when they don’t get that for a week, well, Midas has fallen asleep sitting up more than once this week.

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