The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Finally Friday

on March 18, 2016

The girls are off school today, and since I have to work, they are spending today with the grandparents. My dad picked them up last night after ballet and everyone was excited! Including me.

As we’ve turned the corner into eight I feel like I get glimpses of what it could be, mixed in with two little girls who just want to play and create messes and never clean anything up. They used to love to clean things up, but no more. I feel like I have done nothing but nag them all week to clean up, clean up, CLEAN UP! Even the leprechaun left them a note saying if they didn’t keep their room clean, he would tell the Easter Bunny to skip their house.

Speaking of, they have gone from True Believers to Non Believers. Delaney lost a tooth Monday night and she swears she wasn’t asleep when I put the dollar in her tooth fairy pillow. Likewise, they are sure the candy the leprechaun left for them came from their stash. It didn’t, but still, it’s clear they are questioning everything and I am a horrible liar!

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