The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Battling their hair

on March 15, 2016


The girls’ hair is a constant battle. It is always full of tangles, even if we just brushed it 15 minutes earlier. They also hate to brush their hair. Their scalps are sensitive, and because their hair is always tangled, it hurts to brush it. I finally booked them in with my stylist to see if she could help us out.

Here’s our plan. Haircuts every three months instead of every six at my salon. Previously we’d gone to a few different places, but I think the last place cut their hair blunt across the bottom, and apparently they need long layers for less tangles.

More product in their hair. I used to use styling creme in their hair when they were little, but I stopped doing that a long time ago. We’re back to doing that, and I’m adding in some argan oil as well.

Before you tell me about your fabulous wet brush, we already have two. The problem with those is that they do great when their hair is wet, but when it’s dry they only get through the top layer of hair, leaving a snarled mess just below the surface. We are working on learning how to brush the underside of our hair as well, but I’d rather ditch those brushes and get them used to a real brush that will get through the tangles faster. I’m also doubtful I’ll get them to make this switch.

Their hair is a huge battle every day, so at this point, I’m willing to do just about anything to ease that pain. The stylist who cut Caden’s hair commented that the hair growing in seems to be thicker than the hair at the bottom (which she referred to as baby hair). I’m hoping that maybe their hair is a late bloomer, and given another six months of growing will grow out of this tangled phase on its own!

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