The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Happy 8th Birthday!

on March 3, 2016

bday 1

Happy birthday girls. Eight years old! The two of you are both incredibly smart, funny, kind, sensitive, and crazy. You are both STEM kids from the word go, and I was not surprised that you wanted light sabers and Snap Circuits for your birthday. You are both so excited to learn new things, I hope that passion stays with you always. I think you two just might change the world someday!

bday 2

Since they have ballet and Science Night tonight, we went out for their birthday dinner last night. Benihana! Such good food, but always way too much food! I’m not sure which is more exciting for them – the tasty shrimp or the chef’s tricks.

bday 3

This year they asked for a sleep over party with their friends. Done and done! Their two best friends are coming over Friday afternoon, and I’m super excited I don’t have to plan another crazy expensive friend party this year. The family is coming over Sunday afternoon, and it’s supposed to be nice so we might be able to be outside! Eight is starting off pretty solid.

2 responses to “Happy 8th Birthday!

  1. Grammy says:

    Happy birthday, Jedi Warriors!

  2. Damita says:

    Happy Birthday little ladies!! Eight was my most favorite birthday/year!

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