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Hollywood Studios – Monday

on March 2, 2016

First things first. Both girls had zero cavities! This has never happened in our dental career! Also, we caucused. We’ve talked a lot about the candidates so I really wanted to the girls to be a part of the entire process.

Back to Disney!

hs 1

We were there right at park opening again. We walked down the main street to get our bearings, then separated out. Roller coaster riders to the Rock ‘n Roller coaster, everyone else to the bakery. I knew going in this roller coaster was crazy, but I was still unprepared for it. The speed that you take off with immediately knocked the wind out of me and I got a little nervous. After a few deep breaths I started to enjoy it but oof, not sure I could do that one more than once. Once Samantha and my dad did the Tower of Terror, we met up with everyone for our Fast Pass at Star Tours. I had only a vague idea of what this ride was, which was perfect. It was so amazing! When they said they were searching for a rebel spy, they showed my mom’s picture! I loved it, although I have a feeling if you went on it again it wouldn’t be as much fun. Afterwards, we watched a bit of the Jedi Training before moving on.

hs 2

The thing I like about Hollywood Studios is that it’s a smaller park, so you feel like you have time to do things like let the kids get their faces painted.

hs 3

And take lots of family pictures.

We had a little time to kill before our Toy Story Fast Passes, so we wandered through the Walt Disney museum. I am so fascinated by him! It’s really amazing to see someone with so much creativity, and so much vision.

Since we had done the Buzz Lightyear ride the day before, everyone knew what to expect from the Toy Story ride. I wanted to make it into some sort of competition for highest score, but we all knew my brother would win so instead we decided that the adult with the lowest score had to buy drinks. My mom lost – womp womp. That ride is still top of my list for non roller coaster rides. I love it!

hs 4

Since we’d done the rides at this point, we split up. Kristina and I took the kids to the Under the Sea show, and my parents and brother went on the great movie ride. Since the show was only 15 minutes long, we knew we had enough time to meet Chewbacca! He was awesome! Hugged everyone, and took tons of pictures with us. Definite highlight.

The last thing on our list to do was the Beauty and the Beast show. So well done! There are some amazing performers at Disney that’s for sure.

We left the park about 4:00 or so? Which gave us enough time to hit the pool and hot tub for a bit before heading out for dinner. There were a lot of really great restaurants near the house which worked out perfectly for our evenings.

Official step count – 11,273.

Tomorrow will be a break in our regularly scheduled Disney posts for BIRTHDAY FUN. I cannot believe I have eight-year-olds.

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