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Life with identical twins

Mighty Man

on February 17, 2016


Once we adopted Lark, my attitude towards Midas changed. When you’re consistently going to adoption events and talking to potential adopters about your dogs, you keep a little distance, you have a bit of a guard up. Lowering that guard for Lark, also meant it lowered for Midas as well. I think something changed for him too. Where he used to love being held by people at adoption events, he now ran away if someone reached down to pick him up. There were three events where I didn’t talk to anyone about him because all he wanted to do was sit in my lap!

I started to take the hint that he had found his forever family and was happy sticking with us. The thing was, I really didn’t want three dogs and I wanted to continue to foster. But to be truthful, Midas is fairly low maintenance. He’s little, he doesn’t run away, he travels well, and he loves people. I also realized after temp fostering Marta, that bringing other dogs into our house wasn’t a good idea. Annie didn’t do well with the change and neither did I. I still wasn’t quite ready though.

Just as I was coming around, a couple submitted an application and wanted to meet him. The thought of Midas going to another family crushed me! I tried to make peace with it because they had first priority, but I knew then that if they didn’t adopt him, we would. (Spoiler alert, they didn’t adopt him.)

A few people have been seriously interested in Midas, but they were all looking for a more active, playful dog. Midas loves to sleep. He doesn’t really get how to play with other dogs, and believe me, Annie tries SUPER hard to play with him. He mostly just barks at her. But he loves to snuggle with Lark, so I’ve always thought while he could be an only dog, he would be happiest with other dogs. I think that’s why our family is perfect for him. Annie has Lark to play with, and Midas and Lark have each other to snuggle with.

While Lark tugs at my heart strings and makes me want to heal her with love, Midas makes me laugh and feel like he’s healing me. I’ve googled the breeder that had him originally and he lived in some pretty awful conditions for four years. Those wire cages didn’t break his spirit though. Watching him run and jump into his bed by the heat vent makes me laugh every morning. Watching him fall asleep sitting up waiting for me to climb into bed each night makes me smile. I simply can’t imagine not having this little dude in our lives.

And so, the Mighty Man has been adopted and our family is complete.

2 responses to “Mighty Man

  1. Damita says:

    Yay! I don’t know why this makes ME so happy, but I am so excited for the little guy and for you guys. I just knew that he was in the best place he could possibly be.

  2. Joanna says:

    This made me tear up a little.

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