The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

My Valentine 

on February 15, 2016

We had an awesome Valentine’s Day! The girls were very specific this year about what they expected. They reminded me frequently that I had to get them Valentine’s presents. To be honest, the first time they mentioned it I was grateful. I’m always focused on the cards and presents they’re giving out, I always forget I need to get them something! I went all candy this year (plus a cute t-shirt). Star Wars chocolates, cotton candy, and a bax of mixed chocolates. They were in heaven!


For breakfast we had (vaguely) heart shaped pancakes with strawberries. Most of my pancakes actually looked like hearts! I was rather proud. It took a few to find my groove, but we got it done. Caden was in charge of cutting up the strawberries. That girl likes her fruit cut up tiny. I approve.


After cleaning up we headed down to my parents where Caden and my mom practiced their selfie skills. We picked up a few last minute vacation items, then the girls had their much demanded scavenger hunt. My mom did this last year when we did Valentine’s dinner at our house, and I think it’s the girls favorite part of Valentine’s Day!

The girls worked with my dad to buy me a present. They even had to Facetime to pick everything out! I LOVE IT. I’m not a huge jewelry person, but I love bracelets. This is a black leather bracelet, with their birthstones on it! I love that it has pieces of my kids on it! My dad has gotten pretty good at picking out presents over the years! And my mom made a flourless chocolate cake for dessert! #soblessed #sospoiled

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