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Life with identical twins

Finally Friday

on February 12, 2016

It has been a super weird week. Things started going downhill last Saturday and they just haven’t stopped since. My client flew into town for meetings, but had strep throat and was down for the count. I used to travel a lot and I know how awful it can be to be sick away from home, so we did everything we could to keep her comfortable.

Caden didn’t feel well on Wednesday. I was going to send her to school, but she just looked off. Since her throat hurt I took her in. The rapid strep was negative so I thought we were in the clear! Only to find out on Thursday that after 24 hours it turned positive. Between these two illnesses my schedule for the week has been turned upside down. We are so ready for Friday! Even better, we are going out for dinner tonight!

This is all to say, life has been blog boring lately. No cute stories, no cute pictures, just real life which isn’t super interesting. It makes me wonder what to do here, or if I should just keep on keeping on. At least vacation is coming up?!

One response to “Finally Friday

  1. Sue says:

    Hang in there, Ernie. It’s now Friday! U r the BEST mama!!

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