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School Valentine’s 2016

on February 10, 2016

For whatever reason, I seem to go all out for the girls’ Valentines cards for school. I feel like I’ve learned my lesson over the years, and at least now we go with cute, but simple. This year we looked at designs from a few different websites, but ended up going with Tiny Prints. There are almost too many designs, it’s so hard to narrow it down!

We did our photo shoot back in January over MLK weekend. The light was great, and we had plenty of time to get set up. I chose a wall opposite the windows, and we cut out pink hearts that we taped to the wall around their heads. We don’t do many photo shoots like this, so it was hard getting natural smiles out of them. We did okay, but we’re definitely out of practice.

delaney vday

Delaney liked the glitter and the rainbows on her card. For her candy, we searched for rainbow candy, but that was difficult to find. We found these rainbow suckers, but every online review said they arrived busted. Instead I went to the local candy store and paid about 10x the price, but none were broken!

caden vday

Caden was all about the magical unicorn. When I asked what she wanted to put with her Valentine she said “Magical candy!” How about we search for unicorn candy? Unicorn poop for the win! They are little marshmallows from Oriental Trading and they are perfect.

vday package

I got smarter this year and bought cello bags that have the tape already on them for packaging. It took less than 30 minutes to address and package everything. Win!

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  1. […] kind of my holiday where I go all out. In past years we have done photo shoots and fancy cards with special candy, but this year I just didn’t have it in me. Also, I really didn’t want to drop $100 on […]

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