The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

It Snowed!

on February 3, 2016


It’s snowed a few times this winter, but nothing major. They had been talking about this snowstorm for over a week, but the predictions kept changing. At one point they were saying three inches, then suddenly the day of it was 7-10 inches. I went into work that morning, but once we realized that the snow was going to hit hard, we made plans to do our last meeting of the day remotely. I’m so glad I left when I did! The roads weren’t bad then, but traffic was awful. Luckily the call ended a bit early and I was able to run over to school and pick the girls up. Good thing I did because the buses were running over an hour late.


Once home, we all headed outside. At this point we had gotten about six inches of snow. I shoveled the back patio and the girls made sure Annie had her path around the yard, then they cleared out an area so that other animals would have some shelter. The one really good thing about this snowstorm was that it wasn’t cold! It was so nice to be outside and not freezing my hands off.


Annie is the only one dog who doesn’t consider snow hot lava. She raced all around the yard, very excited for about 10 minutes. Then she wanted back inside. The snow was as deep as Midas, so he spent about 30 seconds outside before we shoveled.

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