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Life with identical twins

It’s only temporary

on January 26, 2016

This is Marta. Before you think I’ve gone crazy no worries, we’re only taking care of her for the week while her foster parents are on vacation.

In case you’re interested, Marta is a 9-year-old yorkshire terrier, who weighs somewhere around 10 lbs? She’s a total sweetheart. Fairly shy and cautious, but you can tell she wants to know what’s going on. She spends much of her time under the kitchen table by the heat vent. It’s warm, and it gives her a bit of protection. She loves to snuggle on the couch, and she actually seems to like the snow! As a bonus, she’s great with kids! I think she likes my two more than she likes me.

I wanted to try out a fourth dog for a couple of reasons. First, could we foster a fourth dog? Either on a temporary or a more permanent basis? One of the reasons I’ve not adopted Midas is that I felt like if I did, we wouldn’t be able to foster any more dogs, and I love being involved with Underdog. Maybe a fourth dog wouldn’t be so bad?

Second, we used to find a dog sitter for our two pups while we’re on vacation. As I paid for their visit, I realized hey! This might be a relatively easy way to make some extra money. We already have three, what’s a few more?

The reality of a fourth dog was eye opening. Marta is sweet and calm, but the tenuous balance of our household was broken. We have routines and unspoken agreements and Marta isn’t in on any of those. She wants to eat everyone’s food, I have to figure out where to keep her during the day, and where she should sleep. Annabelle was not super happy about having another dog in the house either. She has expressed her displeasure in multiple ways, but it made me realize we really need to take a step back from fostering, and focus on the dogs we have. (Annie didn’t like her the first few days, but now of course loves her and wants to play with her all day. They even snuggled a bit in bed last night.)

It’s been good to know instead of wonder how we would do with a fourth dog. I will hand it to my fellow fosters out there, I know many who can have five or six or more dogs in their house and they handle it with ease. Hopefully we can find other ways to stay involved with the rescue. As far as Midas goes, I’ll give him a bit more time, but I’m leaning towards adopting him. Hopefully I can convince my parents to take him half the time!

One response to “It’s only temporary

  1. Grammy says:

    I just read the parents/Midas statement! If only he weren’t so darn cute and didn’t look and talk like Yoda.

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