The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Pioneer Girls

on January 21, 2016


The girls’ current IB planner is “Where we are in place and time”. In other words, they’re studying the olden days. Like when phones used to hang on the wall. Part of this planner is a field trip to a one room school house and everyone is supposed to dress the part.

There didn’t seem to be wiggle room on the costume part, and I had no idea where to find a pioneer outfit. They suggested the thrift store, but I was not convinced we’d find petticoats and bloomers there! After texting a few people trying to get ideas, another mom said they ordered a costume from Amazon. Done and done! Luckily, Caden’s field trip was Wednesday and Delaney’s was today, so we could get by with just one costume.

The girls were so excited about this! We borrowed a tin pail from our old neighbor to put their lunch in, and pulled out a mason jar for their water. My sister in law had just given us the perfect boots that fit both girls, and their costume was complete!

Per Caden, they participated in a spelling bee, did a play about how Minnesota became a state, and ate lunch. Delaney didn’t think the bonnet fit her but we tried it on this morning with her braids and it’s perfect! They’ve also been watching Little House on the Prairie as part of this, which means it was time to get out our Little House books! Another series for them to dig into! Maybe we’ll do a Little House weekend trip this summer?

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