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Life with identical twins

Long Weekend

on January 18, 2016

And cold! It went below zero sometime on Saturday I think? And it’s not supposed to really get much above zero until Tuesday so we hunkered down as best we could.

Friday. Hitting clinic! Last week we were the only two without their own batting helmets. We rectified that last weekend, and got them a new bat, so they were excited to try both out. They are the youngest at the clinic, but that only garners them more attention from the coaches. The coaches have taken to calling them Skinny and Mini. (What can I say? They look really little next to the 14-year-old girls!) They’re getting in just as many hits as the big girls though! This clinic has absolutely amazed me. In one week they changed both girls’ batting stances, and have gotten Delaney to stop hunching her shoulders. I’m trying to soak up their techniques for the summer. I did realize that we’re doing all of this in January, and they’ll likely forget it by April when softball starts, so I talked to one of the trainers and we’ll go back sometime in March for more hitting and one on one fielding sessions. I’m a little bummed we only have two more sessions left.

Saturday was groceries, library, and an adoption event. I’ll be honest, I’m super attached to Midas right now. We haven’t been to an adoption event in three weeks, which makes it all the harder. One woman was a bit interested in him, but I didn’t get the sense that she was going to adopt soon. He once again followed me around and made me hold him most of the time. Oh Mighty. I’m so conflicted about you!

Sunday we went to church, then Yogurt Lab. It’s -3, why not get frozen yogurt? The girls both had gift cards they wanted to use, and Delaney really made an attempt to contain her attitude (she told me it was really hard since I kept making her mad by asking her to do things, but she did it) so that was their reward. I got nothing, but was tempted by everything! They had my two favorite flavors – peach mango and peach sweet tea – and they carry fun beverages now. I really wanted something but held strong.


It was super sunny out so I tried to get some pictures of the girls to no avail. Instead I went with my next best subject – Lark. She’s the only dog that will stay somewhat still so I can get a picture of her. She has a few fleece jackets that she wears, but this is by far my favorite. The teddy bear coat never gets old, always makes me laugh. It keeps her warm though!

We got the fire going before dinner each night. Being that cold, the house just didn’t warm up and the fire really helped. I dug through the barrels and found some bigger pieces of wood so it didn’t burn so fast. Sunday afternoon I read my book by the fire and man, that is the life! So toasty. 

One response to “Long Weekend

  1. Grammy says:

    What a change in the girls’ hitting! The bat just cracked. Can’t wait to watch them play this summer.

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