The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

First piano recital 

on January 11, 2016



The girls had their first piano recital this weekend! It was very low key and perfect, for which I was thankful.

Caden had one piece and she had practiced that bad boy to death, so I knew she would do a fabulous job and she did. She was the first to go, and she played beautifully. Here’s a little clip. (Since they were wearing the same dress, we did different hairstyles. Delaney was very concerned that she look different than her sister.)

Delaney had two pieces to play. One was nice and easy. She had some tempo issues with the other piece so she was practicing it very slowly with the metronome. I had no idea what speed she would pick for the recital but she played it perfectly! She didn’t rush after the eighth notes. I was so proud! Another little clip.

2 responses to “First piano recital 

  1. Damita says:

    Aw, that’s awesome! Good job, girls!

  2. Grammy says:


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