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Hello again

on January 8, 2016

This is going to be two posts in one because I’m lazy.

jan 5

First up, a morning outfit picture! I took this picture mostly because we ROCKED this morning. Everyone was up early, breakfast came together, there was enough time for me to pull Caden’s hair back AND french braid Delaney’s hair, and we took a picture! Mornings like this don’t happen often and must be documented.

ballet 2

In December I talked about how the girls wanted to do dance lessons and I just didn’t know how to make it happen. In the town calendar I saw an ad for a ballet school so I checked it out online. They had recently performed their own Nutcracker (we missed it by days!) and they were a ballet only school, exactly like the one I had attended when I was younger. It was perfect because it focused on ballet like the girls wanted, and since they don’t do a recital, we hadn’t missed out on anything. I emailed the owner and we were in.


Their first class was last night. All of the girls are required to wear black leotards, pink tights, and pink shoes, which I love since it’s nice and easy. As soon as we walked in I knew we were at the right place for all of us. I loved the dance school they were at before, but it never felt like it was going to be a long term place for us. I looked at the older girls and while they were crazy amazing dancers, I wasn’t in for the sports bra and booty shorts that every dancer wore. Nor did I always love their routines or the competition circuit. I loved watching it all, but I couldn’t see that for our future.

Being at the ballet school felt right. Maybe because it’s so close to the dance lessons I took as a kid, but maybe because this is the right setting for the girls. When the girls gave up dance I never ever expected them to want to return to it, and I was fine with that. I didn’t really want to go back either. So to have this now? It’s very exciting!

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