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on January 7, 2016

midas hood

When my house was for sale and didn’t sell, and we wanted that house on Quebec but didn’t get it, and it felt like I was never going to find a renter, then I moved into this house but hated everything, my life felt HARD. Like everything was harder than it was for other people. Why couldn’t things just go my way??? First world problems I know, but when you’re doing all of this by yourself and it involves some pretty major financial decisions, it was difficult and I was definitely crabby and not very grateful for my life.

Around that time I was reading Vince Flynn’s latest book. A large part of the book is set in the middle east, where war and destruction and death were an every day part of their lives. Their lives were hard. Was my life so hard? No, it wasn’t. Perspective is a good thing.

Since that moment my attitude changed. I started seeing things in a different light, and being grateful for the things in my life. My house, my renters, my kids, the dogs. There is plenty of research out there about how when people practice gratitude on a daily basis, they are happier. I concur.

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that people in Minnesota discuss the weather a lot. My coworkers and I agreed that if the snow can wait until late December, the winter is so much more tolerable. You really only have January and February to get through with the bitter cold and the snow, and it just doesn’t seem as long. As luck would have it, the snow held off until late December and we’re now being hit with the cold.

This past Sunday the girls and I had a great day. We played Legos, we read, I was able to prep lunches for the week, and meat for dinners throughout the week. It felt so good to have a day at home where we could get every day things done! I haven’t had that in months and months! I felt organized, and ready to get back into the swing of things. That’s when I realized that for the next few months, all of our weekends should be like that. No house projects, no holiday gatherings, just life.

While I usually dread January and February and the cold, this year I’m going to try to embrace them. Spend weekends doing things that matter to us. Things like cleaning our house. We had guests on New Years Day and were forced to clean clean, rather than just the surface clean we had been doing and it made a world of difference! I’m ready to be able to spend some time in the kitchen. Our schedule is a little hectic this month, and it will be good to be ahead of the game meal wise. We’re going to hit a museum one weekend (Minneapolis Institute of Art, per Delaney’s request, any locals want to join us?) and I’m hoping to get the dogs out for some serious exercise play time.

It feels good to approach the new year with a different attitude. Let’s hope it’s still around when I start dating!

2 responses to “Winter

  1. Grammy says:

    Wonderful words of wisdom.

  2. […] though I’m trying to embrace winter and our low key weekends, I’ve mostly realized I’m tired and bored and sick of the […]

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