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No Spend January, v2016

on January 5, 2016

I’ve done No Spend Januarys for 3 years now? It’s a good financial reset after the spending during the holidays. At this point the spending has been going on since September, and it will be good to take a step back and wait when I think of things we need, rather than immediately heading to Amazon to order it. Even though January is only five days old, I’ve already thought of at least four things to buy that I have put off until February or later. I’ve realized that I say yes to a lot of little things, but those little things add up and make it harder to do the bigger things we want to do.

Here are the rules for this year’s No Spend January.

No coffee shops. Coffee shops are a bad habit for us. I love to stop in to Starbucks during the week, and into Caribou on the weekends before or after grocery shopping. A latte is $5 now! That’s crazy. My coworkers are also staying away which definitely helps my self control.

No Amazon orders. I’ve placed 51 orders on Amazon in the last six months. That’s crazy. Granted, the majority of my Christmas shopping was done there, and clearly, I order almost everything I need through them since it’s easier than running around town trying to find it, but 51 orders is excessive.

Two Target runs. The easiest way to not spend money at Target is simply not to go there. I’m hoping to keep it to two Target runs for the month which will mean we need to plan a little better than we have in the past.

No restaurants. No eating out with the family, and minimal lunches out. I had planned on bringing my lunch three out of the four days, but with the menu plan I have, I should have more than enough leftovers to not have to buy lunch at all this month. This is the toughest one, since a meal out means no cooking AND no clean up for me, but I’m actually excited about the meals this month, so I’m hoping this one isn’t too difficult.

Groceries. I’m not going to put any real restrictions on this. I’m interested to see where our grocery spending is with zero eating out.

No purchasing of anything not completely necessary. The girls start ballet on Thursday so we bought leotards and ballet shoes, but that is a need not a want. Beyond that, no purchasing.

The river of money has been floooowing out lately, so I’m weirdly excited to not spend this month.

3 responses to “No Spend January, v2016

  1. Kyla says:

    I’ve decided to try a no-spend month, officially starting tomorrow since I was stuck with unexpected travel yesterday and didn’t get a chance to get to assess my pantry/get to the store (and therefore ended up buying takeout yesterday/lunch today).

    Knowing as I do that my scrapbooking habit is the reason for a lot of my spending, AND the big semi-annual reveal of new product launches next week, I am being a bit forgiving, but setting some strict limits (Only 5 new collections – no limit in the past, no new tools, cancel all clubs and email prompts, stay out of Michael’s and the other box stores. My one caveat is the background paper I need for the next major project planned, and adhesive, since that’s critical.).

    My other big spending spot is food. It’s way too easy to order out than it is to cook, and having a great cafeteria in our office means breakfast and lunch are typically purchased rather than brought. I think I want to allow myself to buy breakfast (much cheaper than lunch, also gives me a little more elbow room in the mornings to prep lunch), bring lunch at least 3x/week, and make all dinners. This will result in a higher grocery spend, but less day-to-day in the cafe.

    I didn’t renew Amazon Prime, which will help with the No Amazon Orders rule that I’m also doing. I’m allowing myself to book travel home, and to pay for my scrapbook weekends — since that’s the majority of my socializing, but will budget tightly for meals on them/bring my own if possible.

    For me, these are huge changes. Wish me luck!! 🙂

    • Erin says:

      Good luck! The first time I did it I eased into it as well. I think it’s better to do it and succeed 80% than not to do it at all! Every year it gets a little easier.

      We don’t have a cafeteria, and I’ve noticed where lunches used to cost me $7, they now cost $11. It’s definitely a good reason to focus more on bringing my lunch instead of buying.

      Keep me updated!

  2. […] there are a few days left in January, I thought I would do a wrap up post on our no spend month. How did we do? We saved $1000 to put towards our Disney vacation next month! And that was with […]

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