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Goals for 2016

on January 4, 2016

Over winter break I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in 2016. I’m trying to be more specific about my goals, but that means I need to really think things through so I don’t decide on something that ultimately won’t work for me. So, here we go.

Finances. Between all of the house projects I did last year and buying the new house without selling the old, my financial reserves were drained. In 2016 I need to replenish a few of those. I have two automated transfers set up. One to replenish my emergency fund and one to build up a fund to be used for any repairs the old house needs. I will be able to get both to the level I want by October or so. The other thing I want to target is the second mortgage on the new house. I’d like that gone within two years, which means really getting after it this year. We’re doing a No Spend January (more on that tomorrow) and I’m hoping to use the savings from that to use as our spending money for Disney World (February!).

Me. The girls really want a Dad. I’ve committed to start dating this spring. I need to figure out how I want to do this, since I’ve tried online dating for a decade now? With zero results. A coworker has said he’ll be my wingman, but where do we even go? I’ve always thought my best bet was a single dad from the girls’ school, or now I’m thinking maybe a single dad from softball? I attended a coaching clinic on Saturday and realized hey! There are a lot of guys here.

On the food/exercise front, I just don’t know. I feel like my diet is fairly on point. My one downfall lately is menu planning. I’m over it. I’ve been searching for recipes and doing menu plans for so long I’m all done! I paid for a service that did gluten free/paleo menu plans with a prep list for Sundays, but I rarely made the recipes since they seemed so complicated (although the ones I did make were good.) I bought a one month menu plan for January that I’m very excited about. It’s from a blogger that I’ve followed for a long time, and she did an amazing job with it. I’ll be able to use one recipe for my lunches, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming cooking wise. I’m very excited about this.

As far as exercise goes, it hasn’t. For a while. This year I just never found my groove, then somewhere along the way I didn’t even want to exercise. I tried doing my videos and I was bored and hated it. So I’ve stopped. I haven’t gained any weight (which goes to show it’s all about what you eat people!) but I would like to get strong again. I need to get over this hump, but I will likely take it slow and just hit the treadmill for now until I start really wanting to exercise again.

The Girls. We had a really great winter break. I worked from home, but they’re old enough now that they didn’t mind and were able to play on their own. I feel like their attitudes are rounding the bend and we’re getting closer to the happy girls and farther away from the drama/tantrums.  I know many adults are into coloring right now, but Legos are my thing. I love sitting down and doing them with the girls. I’m super excited for softball this year, and I found a ballet studio that they’ll start this week. Wins all around, as long as our schedule doesn’t drive us all crazy.

2 responses to “Goals for 2016

  1. Laura says:

    Happy new year! Just wanted to chime in and say good luck with dating. No advice here!

  2. Jessica says:

    Yay! So glad you like the meal plan!

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